Want to Make Your Home and Garden as Glorious as You Can?

Then welcome to Glorious Home & Garden, a website dedicated to making your home and garden more beautiful! This site is about interior design and gardening . . . and about beauty.

"Have nothing in your homes which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris

This was Morris’s golden rule, and that is what we will try to strive for with this site.

And not just "in your homes" either! I feel strongly that good design does not end at the threshold, that the garden is an extension of the home, and that we should place as much emphasis on our immediate exteriors as our interiors.

Just what is a “glorious” home or garden? To me it means a home that is well-designed,well thought out, comfortable, hospitable, adaptable, and beautiful. Mostly, it is one you love to be in and long to come home to, that envelops you in safety,serenity and beauty, and gives you a refuge from the stress of modern day living.

Our homes are the only places where we have complete control, so let's make them completely our own.

So come on a journey, let's explore in these pages how to create beautiful interior spaces and how to use nature to the best effect in our exterior spaces.

Elements of Design

Use the elements of design like the pros to create beautiful interiors.

The Kitchen

The kitchen are where the most important things happen, make yours glorious!

The Spring Garden

Your garden can be your own private paradise!  Select your favorites for a springtime full of color, scent and beauty.

The Fall Garden

Make your fall garden as lovely as your spring garden by choosing special trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs.

The Winter Garden

The garden in winter is a glorious time of year. Your winter garden can be special with the right plant choices.

Plant of the Month

English Rose Graham Thomas